About Us

An all-day cafe serving pizza, good coffee, healthier dessert, and drinks at an affordable price.

Ciao! “Serving great food at reasonable price” at Sofi Cafe Pizza, just like our sister outlet, is what we believe in. The menu was crafted by Sofi, the owner, who took inspire from all her traveling she has done to come up with her favourite Cafe recipes.


Fuel Your Soul



Crisp with a generous layer of sauce, cheese and rich tasting ingredients - a tasteful symphony of flavours dancing to a seemingly simple yet flavourful pizza.



Rich slurp worthy pasta coated in signature savoury sauces to elevate the taste of each element of this Italian staple.



Getting your caffeine fix with our aromatic cup of coffee will most definitely be a mood booster.



Indulge in your favourite dessert to soothe your sweet tooth cravings.

The Vision

Sofi Cafe Pizza is just like a home, filled with Love, Hope and Compassion, where great people can come together and build real friendship over a great meal. We want to keep our passion for food burning and to inspire anyone who needs a to see the light at the end of their tunnel. By continuously creating amazing yet healthy dishes for our customers that we will be proud to call ours.

Sofi Cafe Pizza is a new outlet located just next to Pasta Brava, our main branch has been serving traditional dishes from various regions of Italy for 27 years now. We hope to provide our customers with a comfortable eaterie where they can enjoy their day over a good meal and coffee at a very reasonable price.